The Spirit of the Modern Mother

Some of you may have read the story covered by, People, and various other news and media outlets about the young mother who, after eleven days of struggle, lost her newborn baby boy and decided to keep pumping her breast milk and donating it to help other mothers whose milk never came in.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 2.07.30 PMAll in all, young mom Ariel Matthews of San Jose, California, pumped more than her body weight (a whopping 148 pounds of milk) and gave it to those in need to feed their babies. This young woman bravely documented her struggle on Instagram (and I encourage you to go there, follow her, look through her pictures of sweet little Ronan, and give the lady some love). In my mind, Ariel represents the spirit of the modern mother–fighting through her own heartbreak and overcoming her own personal hurdles to help mother others. Ariel said in a note to Ronan on Instagram, “Thankfully this isn’t forever, and I will see your beautiful face again.”

“It’s really, really awesome. If good things can come from a loss — if I can encourage people that this isn’t the end, we can get through this, and live a good life, and not let the bad things tear us down,” she told People in December of 2016.

Read more about Ariel at the People link above or at Today.

We wish her great success and much happiness in the future.


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