1.) I would like to interview Shannon for my radio station/newspaper column/magazine article/podcast/school assignment–how do I do request an interview?

Great question! Shannon loves to be interviewed by readers of her work or people interested in helping her share the importance of women in history. Go to our Contact page here and fill it out, or send her an email at shannon [AT] shannondelany [dot] com with INTERVIEW REQUEST in the heading.

2.) I would like to ask Shannon to come to my library/school/book club/historical society/Rotary meeting/American Legion event/VFW meeting/women’s rally and talk about women’s role in war or the Holocaust–does she ever do free visits, what does she charge, what’s her schedule like, how far will she travel to speak?

Shannon would travel to the moon and back to speak to readers and people interested in women’s history if we’d let her, but she has to consider things like scheduling and travel costs, and the value of her time. If she’s speaking, she’s not writing. The best suggestion? Drop Shannon a line here on the Contact page or email her directly with shannon [at] shannondelany [DOT] com with SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT in the heading. Although Shannon can occasionally work in time to do a 10-15 minute conference call or Skype chat with some groups for free, usually there is a fee associated with having her speak.

3.) I have a female family member alive during World War II and who has a story I think Shannon should include either here on the website or in her book Maid, Mother, Monster (but my relative’s not a monster, so please don’t put her in that section…)–how do I ask Shannon to interview ME or my family member?

Shannon loves to discover stories of women and girls alive during the WW II period–especially stories most people have overlooked for one reason or another. Hop over to the Contact page and mention it there orĀ email her directly with shannon [at] shannondelany [DOT] com with WWII WOMAN in the heading and she’ll try her best to contact you or your relative and get the ball rolling!


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