Movie Review: The English Patient

I don't watch many movies. I don't have much time to, so my attempt at reviewing movies here may be a fleeting concept. However, The English Patient was on cable television recently, and I decided to sit still and watch it once again. I had seen it in the theater when it first released, but... Continue Reading →


In Case You Missed It: Women Spies Knitting Facts

Maybe you knit, maybe you crochet--maybe, like me--you simply admire anyone who can do such a thing and keep promising yourself some day you'll sit down and learn how to do it, too! But did you know that knitting--a craft typically done by women--was actually a tool of the Resistance during World War II?

The Spirit of the Modern Mother

Some of you may have read the story covered by, People, and various other news and media outlets about the young mother who, after eleven days of struggle, lost her newborn baby boy and decided to keep pumping her breast milk and donating it to help other mothers whose milk never came in. All... Continue Reading →

Mothers of World War II

When I write and speak about the roles of women in wartime I tend to keep their designations simple--general--in part because women tend to traditionally be lumped into simple categories, and in part because it's easier to communicate across the board when we distill down our ideas. So here, and in the upcoming book, you'll... Continue Reading →

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